Project Pitch: MMM Games

MMM Games is the name of the channel where I will be posting comedic and entertaining style FIFA Pro Clubs videos in an attempt to analyse the surrounding community and create one within it.

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Uploading Schedule (Every Thursday)

In terms of the analytical framework I will be focusing on a Post-Structuralist approach because FIFA has always really been about the community mostly due to EA barely updating Pro clubs with each game release. It’s actually quite strange and unique that it is still a very popular game mode, kept alive by the community, yet fails to get recognition from the people who made it each year. Therefore It is easy for many Content Creators to disregard it for Ultimate Team, the more “competitive” mode which is very much based on individual success and money spent. However, big YouTubers such as the sidemen have brought clubs back into the spotlight in recent times.

I’m going to use my platform on YouTube as a Paratext, seeing I can give thumbnails and titles to promote the video and tell something about the game in order to attract the audience. It is also important to have a textual analysis as well due to the fact that we as a community need to make sense of the game, it’s environment, and impact on us (the community). Therefore my aim is to upload a seperate video which will be a deep dive on the success of pro clubs after the original videos of comedic gameplay.

Finally, there could also be the concept of “playing well” implemented, In [“Well Played 1.0: Video Games, Values and Meaning,”] from 2009, Drew Davidson highlights that playing well means enjoying the experience, savouring the pleasure that comes in understanding the game, and more importantly, being able to critique the experience without using the terms that marketing dictates. Which is typically completely different to the nature of Ultimate Team (FIFA’s main game mode) which is more transactional, rather than the more emotion captured in Pro Clubs. Therefore, I am going to be using news and media sources/articles to back up everything I have said in the deep dive video.


Davidson, Drew (2018): Well Played 1.0: Video Games, Value and Meaning. Carnegie Mellon University. Journal contribution. 

Published by jacobhuisman01

University of Wollongong Student studying Bachelor of Communications and media. Interested to the core about football statistics and dynamics that make up the game we all love and support today.

9 thoughts on “Project Pitch: MMM Games

  1. hey, hey! firstly I just wanted to say that I remember your youtube channel from previous classes and I really like how you’re still going with it and including it in DAs!

    its very clear how much you grasp and understand your ideas as a whole, and i like how you include an uploading schedule right at the start. you incorporated connections to the lectures and frameworks, as well as quoting your own research. it is very clear and to the point which I like even as someone who doesn’t have the same interest.

    I don’t have much feedback because I really like the way you have presented your pitch, but maybe you could include more graphics/edits that are more eye catching. I say this as i can see the detail you put into your youtube thumbnails and having certain points of your blog posts match that not only will be aesthetically pleasing but very cohesive. It will give a feel that everything goes together. 🙂

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  2. Wow, where can I start?! Your pitch video is so engaging and entertaining, your introduction had me feeling as though I was watching an AJ3 or Manny video, super clean, super fun, I honestly loved it! It’s great that you’re exploring something you really enjoy as it shows through in your pitch, as I’m sure it will continue to do throughout your overall Digital Artifact. You have really narrowed down on your niche and what you’re wanting to explore, along with the audience you want to attract and connect with, which is a really great foundation and starting point for your DA. Furthering into your blog post, you really homed in on the finer details of your project and addressed the key issue you’re intending to explore for your DA. I think the use of YouTube as your main platform is a really great choice as the presence of FIFA and the FIFA community is very large on YouTube, while it also offers some wonderful features which you can in turn adapt and use throughout your project, such as YouTube shorts, honestly seeing your enthusiasm and lively character in your pitch video, I’m sure you and your friends could make some really fun and engaging content for YouTube shorts! In addition, have you considered venturing into the world of Reddit in order to gain some more opinion and conversation-based content, I always find that the Reddit community really gets behind the conversation of things such as this. I’m pretty sure EA’s FIFA page even post a discussion thread daily: Trying to find something to critique about this is really hard as you’ve done such an amazing job, all I can say is maybe your blog post itself could’ve used some more embedded media such as a short FIFA Pro Clubs play through? Overall great job man, I’m keen to see how your project progresses!

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  3. Hi Jacob,

    I think this is a super interesting and creative digital artefact! Will definitely be something I’ll have to check out. The pitch is clear, engaging and well presented which is great! Your inclusion of subject materials and analytical frameworks you will be using to help support your DA is also good as it shows that you are heading in the right direction with your project. I also like how you are doing a comedic video as well as a seperate video to perform a textual analysis.

    Since you described how you would like to analyse the community of FIFA, perhaps this source would be useful for your research: As this source highlights the social side of gaming, it may relate to the FIFA community and may help with your analysis of the community. I also like how you have a clear production schedule for MMM Games, although maybe you should also provide details on your target audience and how you will conduct a feedback loop with your users. Looking forward to seeing what you create!


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  4. Hi Jacob,

    I really love this DA idea, youtube is such an amazing platform for digital artefacts as it helps us really convey what we want to get through to our audience. I, myself, have never played FIFA before so it’s not really my forte!! I’m definitely going to be following your DA, however, to hopefully be educated in this field!

    I’ve always believed comedy is the best way to way to get through to an audience, everyone wants a laugh and your DA can definitely be able to draw an audience. In doing some quick research, make in your DA you could subtly educate beginners such as myself in the game and this article can really help you convey that

    Keep up the amazing work! It looks like a really successful DA to me.

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  5. Hi Jacob, I want to highly commend you on the quality and presentation of this pitch. You bring a real authentic energy to the content which is really refreshing. I also like that you’re adding a comedic touch to your DA.

    I have quite limited FIFA knowledge and need a bit more clarity through examples or linking, like a hyperlink into who the sidemen are. Your pitch stood out to me as it has a huge emphasis on community like my project as it has also been ‘kept alive by the community’.

    Your cause of wanting to bring attention to this neglected aspect of the game is also such a great observation. League of Legends was also in a similar boat with a not as “popular” game mode. You can read more about how their community rallied together here if you like:

    You’re extremely articulate and precise with your framework which I also admire and could learn a page off – I personally could not fault your analysis.

    I look forward to see how your DA Progresses! Well done.

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