MMM Games: BETA (What Happened?)

Beta Video

MMM Games was a channel that I started on a basis of FIFA Pro Clubs, check here for more information on that. My original analytical framework was to explore the post-structuralist approach to the FIFA community and specifically why a game mode like Pro Clubs had such a tightly knit community. 

I started off strong with a cinematic trailer for a particular series, soon to be followed by a proper full length video of a funny experience with friends playing some games of football together. The simplicity, along with the comedic cuts and funny moments really brought together a fun experience. However, things got busy with my personal life and that really forced a halt on future videos. 

This also comes to the time of FIFA 22’s release where the new game is out and many people are still trying to pick up the game, presenting now as a great time to put out some content.

It also seemed from the comments on my pitch video on WordPress, it was evident that I had a lot of drive and motivation with this movement, I just needed a direction to go in, so looking through a few recommended scholarly articles really helped with that. This one in particular showing another community in a similar position wanting change for a neglected game mode called “Dominion” in “League of Legends”. This showed that there is a way to make your voice heard, so now I have the task of really fulfilling that role.


Published by jacobhuisman01

University of Wollongong Student studying Bachelor of Communications and media. Interested to the core about football statistics and dynamics that make up the game we all love and support today.

5 thoughts on “MMM Games: BETA (What Happened?)

  1. First off, overall a great blog Jacob! it’s really great to see that you are staying true to doing something you are passionate about for your digital artefact. I also loved your honesty in that it was hard to keep up with making regular content when daily life takes over and you don’t have time. I can totally relate, it is hard to keep up with such a busy schedule in place, in future, maybe even reserve 10-20 mins twice a week, that may help. Keep pushing on however, from the sounds of things you are still doing great! Best of luck.

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  2. You’ve clearly shown your interest and engagement towards your topic, this is shown throughout your reasoning behind choosing this topic, in that you wish to improve or revive the experience and play of FIFA Pro Clubs. I feel as though you have definitely identified the issue you want to tackle and have set out a mission to improve FIFA’s Pro Clubs component of the game. You have been very communicative in relation to the issue you have found with Pro Clubs, or more so FIFA and the majority of FIFA’s audiences attituded towards Pro Clubs. As for consistency, I originally commented on your initial pitch video and found it super engaging and was very excited to see the growth of your project. I’m quite sad to see that you’ve had some setbacks and were unable to keep up with your original schedule, although with that being said, what you have completed since the curation of your project, has definitely held a consistent quality, showcasing the positive aspects of FIFA Pro Clubs and how it can add a whole other element to FIFA as a whole. I’m very excited to see you get back on track and produce some more quality content! I noticed in your bibliography you’d included the link to the league of legends discussion, my suggestion would be to next time include that actual link somewhere throughout your article rather than right down the bottom, only for the fact that it would probably be more appealing to your audience, along with it being easier to access and find for those who are interested at looking into it further. Just something to keep in mind, as this article explains “Adding links makes it easy for readers to learn more about the topic of your post or the sources you’ve used. Hyperlinks also show readers that you’ve put in the time to research your content properly.”,to%20research%20your%20content%20properly. You clearly demonstrate a great level of digital literacy as seen throughout your previous videos, edits, captions, ability to upload and share via Youtube, this is very key in your project and I think you’ve shown that you can confidently record, edit and upload engaging and sophisticated videos which attract and audience. Good luck with the rest of your project! I’m excited to see more of it!


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