Rap It Out

Rap It Out Pitch

Description of Theme and Setting 

Rap It Out is a game that oversees a winner’s rise to fame, however, some are not so lucky and will endure many hardships including their life’s work roasted, their flaws exposed or even forced to switch genres like Machine Gun Kelly. Join your friends on the epic stage, and rap it out in this twisted, new style.

The theme of this game is focused on entertainment through others potentially struggling, you can guarantee this game will bring out the worst in people. You most definitely do not need to be good at freestyling to play this game.

Description of Genre and Type

The genre for this game falls under party games, and that is honestly when it is best played. The atmosphere created by this game is definitely unique as most party games involve truth or dare, drinking or card-based games like “Cards Against Humanity”. This game is more unique and sets up a stage, rather than looking at a small board in the middle of the room, you get to use the entire room. 

It also falls under a musical genre, as it includes rap. This means the target audience for this game is people who can rap, people who enjoy music and obviously friends and family. While on one hand, you can have a person who takes the game seriously and might be good at rapping, others like someone’s dad will create pure comedic bliss by taking part in this game.

Addressing the Three Act Structure, Competitor and Industry analysis and the Gaming world

Description of Mechanics and Rules 

Rap It Out will be simple enough for most people to work out, but it will be quite interesting. There can be over 10 people who can spectate, however, there can only be two playing at the same time. The basic version of the game will come with dice, two types of cards, Judge papers, notepads, scoreboards and two fake microphones. The premium package for this game however will also feature a speaker as well as two karaoke microphones that have speakers attached to them. 

Participants have the option to write down their lyrics on the provided note pads or go on the fly, just so it accommodates people who aren’t good on the spot.

The two types of cards featured in this game will be “Lyric Cards” and “Beat Selection”. Lyric cards contain a few possible situations:

  • A few words you must use in your freestyle
  • You get given a starting line
  • You must only rhyme with a certain word
  • You have to rap with a different accent
  • A topic is given that you have to rap about

While Beat Selection cards will include different types of beats within rap that the players must use. For instance an “artist” type beat, trap, classic hip hop, etc. To which audience members must play the assigned beat from either their phones or their own speaker (or the speaker in the premium package). The audience also must vote on “Judge papers” then whoever is voted the winner should be recorded on the scoreboard (if a draw, there has to be a rematch).

Description of Game Loop 

The game loop goes as follows. All participating players must assign themselves a number based on the numbers on the dice (if you have more than 12 players you’ll need more dice), then they should roll the dice twice to find out who is versing who. Each player must pick a “Lyric Card” and only one “Beat Selection card” is picked. This decides the parameters of the game and sets up a good battle. Players can play as long as they want.

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