MNM Hub Evolved


Based on my experience from MNM Hub, I’ve noticed there is an opportunity to showcase my editing skills through other people’s work. So my digital artefact is going to be working with the Creative Services Team to kickstart a potential freelancing career. I will also be continuing MNM Hub and all my other entities.

  • For the Creative Services Team, I will be offering my skills in editing content for people’s Digital Artefacts. We will be putting together a website and directory for this to make it easy for people to find me and others who have the skills they require.
  • For MNM Hub I will be putting a lot more effort into being consistent with my content and try expanding the types of videos I produce and try to add my music in some form onto the channel. I will be responding to most of the comments on my YouTube videos and making polls to survey my audience’s thoughts and criticisms.

My project is relevant to potential clients as I will have built a reputation for my video editing skills which will help me on freelancing websites such as Fiverr. The continuation of MNM Hub is also relevant to me because I love music and I would love to showcase that love through these videos and my own music.

One of my inspirations for music reviews is Anthony Fantano.

Audience Persona


– UOW Student
– 20 Years Old
– Lives interstate but still tunes in online
– Works Full Time for an Electricity Company
Hopes and Dreams:

– Become a successful YouTuber
– Tell the world about electricity and the environment
– Not have to work 30+ hours a week

– Works a lot, therefore gets a decent wage
– Always stingy with how he spends his money
– Tries before he buys
Worries and Fears:

– Doesn’t have enough time in a week to enjoy his life
– Won’t have enough time to make videos
– Overspend his time on one subject instead of all of them
Online Behaviours:

– Active on Instagram
– Watches a lot of YouTube
Make Life Easier:

– Save time by editing videos for him
– Give critiques on certain aspects of the content
– Video uploaded with the correct marketing approach
– Help with social media presence
– Thumbnail creation for videos
A Day In the life of Mark:

– Mark wakes up every
morning at 5am to go to
– Works long shifts with
his only free time being
his lunch breaks and
after work hours
– When Mark isn’t working
he is trying to catch up
on Uni work while also trying to start his Digital Artefact
What they’re looking for:

– Someone who can edit his videos so he only has to record them
– High-quality editor who understands comedic timing
– Someone he can communicate easy with
– Someone who can help input video ideas
How they want to appear to others:

– Inspiring and motivational
Good editing
– A funny person who makes people laugh
– Show others that living a life that allows more time for his passions is better
What influences them:

– Other YouTubers with lots of Subscribers
– People who don’t have to work long hours in a week
– Friends and Family
Brand Affinities:

– Apple
– YouTube
– Razer
– Logitech
– Shure

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University of Wollongong Student studying Bachelor of Communications and media. Interested to the core about football statistics and dynamics that make up the game we all love and support today.

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